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Last 8 donations of the month

First off, I would like to thank everyone for their patience and understanding while a new revision is being worked on.

I would also like to thank everybody who has donated this far. We are not out of the clear yet though as the increased popularity has caused a lot  of server issues on the database. Until now I was able to host the database on a cheaper server paid for by me, but the increased traffic and amount of items and stat codes has forced me to release the next revision without a database at all. The next alpha version is stable and will read and write ROS savefiles. However, there can possibly be some data corruption and it is advised that you make backups of all saves before editing your file. In the event that a file is corrupted or an error has occurred, please submit an issue with as much detail as possible so we can find and fix the issues as soon as possible.  

To include a working data base I need to raise a few more dollars to pay for a hosting plan that can accommodate the traffic and data needed. Thank you in advance for all the help and support to this project..

UPDATE: So we just got off the phone with the company that will host the the server and they told us its going to cost us $180 a month to run a dedicated server for the application to auto update GBID's and Affixes.

This means we need to raise this money every month otherwise they will just shut down the servers and we have no control or say in the matter. The reason why a dedicated server of this caliber is needed at this time is because of the increase of traffic we've received in the last couple of weeks we've went from 2000-5000 users on the application and its constantly DDOSing our current database to a point it cannot stay stable anymore. Imagine each user use's about 3mb of data now times that by 5000 users that's an equivalent of 15gb of data being sent back and forth from the server to the program resulting in the database crashing.

We've done the math and it'll cost $2160 to pay for a full year up front so we have look around a little more see if there is anything more affordable but, what do you guy's think? In our current state of affairs we cannot afford to pay for these servers on our own and it's up to you guy's to decide if its worth our time at this point if we can raise $180 a month we can keep the server up and keep updating the application if not then you guy's might be stuck with waiting for new revisions to be released to get new database data instead of instantly getting them every time you load the program. We are currently weighing out our options if you guy's have any suggestions then let us know and we'll try and figure out the best way to keep this going.

As of right now we have raised $150 for this month so we need to raise at least $30 to at least pay for the first month and it can be up within 36 hours of payment transaction. Now again keep in mind if we pay for the dedicated server we need to make sure we can raise $180 each month or else they will shut us down like I've mentioned above. Again we'll have more update's and if you have any suggestions let us know.

These are some of the options we have below that would work as you can see its not cheap.

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