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ok im new hi sorry for this if im posting in the wrong spot .
Ok i just downloaded it the dll save editor ros ok .
I ran it as admin i told it my first name my last name it email me i got a code i put code in now its just saying this.
i'm sorry for my bad spelling/grammar


drogetussey wrote Apr 29 at 3:09 AM

ok just so you know i tryed 1 more time but this time i have the Accept butten and its not hiting still there

CKY wrote Apr 29 at 4:03 AM

This has been reported by numerous people. The issue is being fixed. A new version was released and is going to be checking on it in the next few hours,

Stanizzle wrote Apr 29 at 4:44 AM

I just downloaded the new version, still same issue.

Also CKY I signed up and paid the subscription on the website, and nothing is working for me.

wrote Apr 29 at 4:51 AM

doug1030 wrote Apr 29 at 5:20 AM

Sorry for the inconvenience, we are working on the problem right now.

CKY wrote Apr 29 at 6:06 AM

Please try 156

Stanizzle wrote Apr 29 at 6:08 AM

Try 156? what do you mean?

CKY wrote Apr 29 at 6:57 AM

Sorry we have been working very hard on this issue. during some server updates some code got a bit broken. If you are still interested in a now working version of the editor please go to and download the the current version

doug1030 wrote Apr 29 at 6:57 AM

We updated to a new version of Please download this version.

drogetussey wrote Apr 29 at 7:26 AM

I'll do that now.
If this works good.
How much is it for ? The paid copy . That is . and what is the difference between the to may i ask?
2nd . Can i get some details on what i get when i pay $$./
3rd . a link to any thing ales i should know about b4 i pay and after ..Walkthrough and downloads/ custom downloads builds or any thing like that . sorry .I like to know what i'm getting for the cash i spend i did work for it :)

Last . Thank you for your time:)

drogetussey wrote Apr 29 at 7:38 AM

Update. i downloaded the new copy the1.3.19.156 and it worked right this time i think ..... there's a login on the top rite side do i need to do that on the non paid copy ? or ??????

drogetussey wrote Apr 29 at 7:41 AM

ok ... Update i just tried to log in with the same pass code and @mail from this site not good ....where do i make this login info work of is that just for the paying customers?

CKY wrote Apr 29 at 9:32 AM

Login is the customer login. You will need to do a lot of reading in the discussions page before you try to buy anything please.. also play with the app first learn what you are doing with it.