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Creating Item Issue


Hey, have another issue. I try to create an item, seem to be doing all the correct things, but when I go in game, the item is not in the inventory. What could I be doing wrong?


doug1030 wrote May 1 at 3:32 AM

Are you saving when you are done making your items? Are you entering the ps3 version?

doug1030 wrote May 1 at 3:35 AM

You need to be using the discussions page for things like this. This is not an application issue.

Stanizzle wrote May 1 at 4:49 AM

I am saving, not sure how to enter ps3 version or how to tell which version I am using.

Sorry for using the wrong place to post, but I did pay good money and hope I can get some help.

And it is an issue with the application, because the application ATM is not producing results.

drogetussey wrote May 1 at 8:23 AM

ill try to help u if you like on your pc go to this link its a chat room
Note you do not need a mic but it would help :)