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Save data corrupt


Hi guys,

Ive an issue with the editor. No matter what I do, I keep getting the save data corrupted message when i load my save file on my ps3. Even when I don't make any changes.

This is what I do:
  1. Copy save to USB
  2. De-crypt save with the RoS-PS3 tool
  3. Load file in the editor (load account)
  4. Make changes
  5. Save item, save character(s), save account, save all.
  6. Encrypt save
  7. Put on USB
  8. Transfer save to ps3
  9. Load game
  10. Get message that my save is corrupted.
As I mentioned before I even load the save up in the editor and and save without making any changes. But still get the same message. I think the save is getting corrupted when I save or I'm doing something wrong. I use a clean working backup file to edit and test.

I hope someone can tell me what I'm doing wrong or how I can solve this issue.

PS3 D3 (Original)
PS4 D3 Ultimate Evil Edition


doug1030 wrote May 1 at 1:55 PM

So your using ps3 D3 and going to ps4 RoS?

CKY wrote May 1 at 6:18 PM

lets start with a few things that might help you.. did you use the search button and see how to export your save file? because if you did you would have found this

and this

and this

and these

Best in slot is not always best in slot.

And if you are not on a ps4/xboxone and you load ps4/xboxone items into a ps3/xbox360 the game will corrupt save file as mentioned all over the site discussions..........

This is not an application issue.