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Save data corrupt

Hi guys, Ive an issue with the editor. No matter what I do, I keep getting the save data corrupted message when i load my save file on my ps3. Even when I don't make any changes. This is what I ...

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Creating Item Issue

Hey, have another issue. I try to create an item, seem to be doing all the correct things, but when I go in game, the item is not in the inventory. What could I be doing wrong?

Id #2041 | Release: None | Updated: May 1 at 8:23 AM by drogetussey | Created: May 1 at 3:20 AM by Stanizzle

Arachyr's Set Missing

Hey, I have been trying to find the Arachyr's set everywhere, and it seems like it wasn't added to the editor. Can you look into that please? Thanks in advance.

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ok im new hi sorry for this if im posting in the wrong spot . Ok i just downloaded it the dll save editor ros ok . I ran it as admin i told it my first name my last name it email me i got a code ...

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affixes on my saved gear say "login"

so I am having a weird issue with the editor all my affixes on my saved items in my locker and inventory say "login". so naturally I closed and reopened and logged in and it still says that. any he...

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syntax error ?

When I try to open DIII.SaveEdit.exe (version I have a white page with Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '""' (T_CONSTANT_ENCAPSED_STRING) in /home2/cky/public_html/D3/RO...

Id #2036 | Release: None | Updated: Apr 9 at 7:14 PM by CKY | Created: Apr 9 at 6:49 PM by C0LiSii0N

Outdated version detected

Hi, i downloaded the save editor version i unzipped it with 7zip and when i start the DIII.SaveEdit.exe i got this message:

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Am i Doing this right?

HI i just started using this editor (Free Version) and i cant seem to get the wings so im able to send over to my brothers account. ive tried all sorts but just not happening. Am i doing somethi...

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Getting the paid version

Hi there, I've been thinking about getting the license for the new editor, but when I try to go to the webpage to pay, it doesn't load, it's just a white screen. Any idea how I can get around this?

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I enter my name and email. When the verification code come i enter that aswell. then i click accapt and nothing happens ive restared and tried many time it never works

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