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Oct 4, 2015 at 5:14 PM
There seems to be a lot of confusion that will have to be addressed in the next release.
The item extraction process retrieves items for the current patch and future patch's..
when items from patch 2.0.0 where retrieved items from patch 2.1 and 2.2 and 2.3 and 2.4 and 2.5 where unnamed and not fully implemented..

Such as the gem of reduce level requirement was pulled out on patch 2.1.0 but it was not fully named and implemented until patch 2.2.0.
Most users can see that they are the same but I get e-mails and comments on threads that these items are not in the database.. Users expect every item to be renamed as it is in the game.. This is extremely time consuming and not worth the effort that it would take.. It will take less effort to add to the tooltip (POPUP) that has all the item information.. However tooltips can not accept user input (Mousing over it or away from its parent control closes it ) so there is no way to add a scroll bar to the current tooltip..

This will not stop users from saying the items aren't in the database ..

Set: Monk Set (Patch 2.2.0) Helms
Set: Monk Set (Patch 2.2.0) Shoulders
Set: Monk Set (Patch 2.2.0) Chest Armor
Set: Monk Set (Patch 2.2.0) Pants
Set: Monk Set (Patch 2.2.0) Boots
Set: Monk Set (Patch 2.2.0) Gloves
Set: Witch Doctor Set (Patch 2.2.0) Helms
Set: Witch Doctor Set (Patch 2.2.0) Shoulders
Set: Witch Doctor Set (Patch 2.2.0) Chest Armor
Set: Witch Doctor Set (Patch 2.2.0) Pants
Set: Witch Doctor Set (Patch 2.2.0) Boots
Set: Witch Doctor Set (Patch 2.2.0) Gloves
Set: Crusader Set (Patch 2.2.0) Helms
Set: Crusader Set (Patch 2.2.0) Shoulders
Set: Crusader Set (Patch 2.2.0) Chest Armor
Set: Crusader Set (Patch 2.2.0) Pants
Set: Crusader Set (Patch 2.2.0) Boots
Set: Crusader Set (Patch 2.2.0) Gloves

This is a great example of what I'm talking about each item is from patch 2.2.0 but these items did nothing and had no name when they where loaded and anyone who actually used them knows this but now that patch 2.3.0 is out they have names and values adding to the tooltip there names and values after a certain patch might reduce confusion but somehow I don't think it will.

The tooltips are going to grow to the point of not fitting on the screen.. The screen size must maintain the 800x600 screen resolution because of net books, tablets and phones. the tooltips are going to exceed this.

The treeview control that is the dropdown can not have a left right (horizontal) scroll bar but these tooltips could be added to each child as grandchildren..

**1. child
***1. grandchild
***2. grandchild

The only other thing I can think of is to make the tooltip static and re-size the dropdowns. attaching the tooltip to the left of the combo list. It could be put under the list but then you will have to scroll through 32 affixes to be able to read the tip.. The draw back of this will be the dropdown will be reduced in size. the current width of both the tooltip and dropdowns are 300 px if you divide it in half 150 px is not really large enough to see both whats in the dropdown and whats in on the tooltip and the items will ellipsis(shorten and add "..." to the end).. This is a cumbersome and hard to explain and decide issue...

Any suggestions?