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30023 server error?

Topics: Help and Support
Jan 10 at 6:13 PM
When trying to login, it gives me the "30023: server error", i have deleted and re-downloaded, ran as admin and even transferred a copy from my old computer and it still won't sign in.
I know my info is correct cuz on my old pc i can sign in, but the new PC won't get past this server error thing, what is wrong with the program that its not allowing me to sing in?
At first I thought malwarebytes maybe had something to do with it, turned it off, still don't work, so not sure what is wrong.
Jan 10 at 7:56 PM
An email must be sent from the account to have anything looked into.
Jan 10 at 8:20 PM
Nevermind, i remember a conversation we had via phone while back about mac addresses, so i logged in and changed the mac address to the new PC and it works now and i am able to login.
PS: the new tos thing is a bit overkill
Jan 10 at 8:23 PM
Needs to be that way.