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Long time listener ... first time caller

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Jan 25 at 3:25 AM
Edited Jan 25 at 11:48 AM
I logged on the game after more than a year and things have changed. After searching for my editor password, I finally arrived at the (amazing) new editor and now I have a couple of questions in an effort to save time. I know in the past this site has not been here in order to hold the hand of modders, but looking at the most recent posts, it is my hope the brains behind this machine are interested in talking.

1) there exists a new 1,000,000,000 ("BIG") ring. It seem the new BIG is either attached to the base of a specific ring or is an affix. I have seen the ring in game without any gems and the BIG stat is blue text. The name of the ring has always been blank. I assume BIG is specifically tied to a ring. Otherwise, the BIG affix could be added to any item in the game and I have not seen it elsewhere. Can someone point me to the base GBID for the BIG ring? If not, what affix is applied?

2) The game has changed the way wings and pets work - I doubt this is a new topic. It seems to me that you need to have at least two of any given wing/pet in order to duplicate it via the mailbox. Does anyone have any information on this topic? I will be testing this soon unless someone has an answer.

Thanks to all who are still in the know.

In addition .... CKY should get to work doing something constructive ;)
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Jan 25 at 1:38 PM
Edited Jan 25 at 1:47 PM
Found my own answer to question 1: unique_ring_083

...But apparently removed from the game by Blizzard? So the ones that are in the game are in, but no new versions. Clearly, I have to test that theory.

If anyone needs me, I will just be in here having a conversation with myself ;)
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Jan 25 at 11:31 PM
All questions resolved. Unique ring 083 can still be brought into the game and you can duplicate wings if you have more than one copy in your inventory. The wing theory has been tested with one set of wings as opposed to all sets, all pets, and all wearables.
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