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Pets and wings

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Jan 30 at 10:45 PM
Am having trouble getting pets and wings to copy over....not sure if this has been addressed already. Couldn't find any other topic in the forums.

Used to you were able to copy multiple sets of pets and wings to dupe on console, now however they show up under the cosmetics tab as usual but you're not able to mail them or drop them
Jan 31 at 12:56 AM
You'll need 2 of each. 1 to learn for the account your mailing in. They are account bound now.
Jan 31 at 3:33 AM
Thank you for the reply....didn't think about making 2
Jan 31 at 7:18 AM
Most welcome. Yes, not that they are account bound you need one for your mule account and one to mail.
Feb 9 at 12:39 PM
It didn't work with pets ,Liv,Bumble,Friendly Gauntlet or any wings. any help would be greatly appreciated.
Feb 10 at 6:43 PM
What system?
Feb 10 at 9:37 PM
To test the duplicate method for ps4, I just tried making duplicate copies of all wings, pets and pendants and placed in character stash and normal stash. exported the save and imported it to ps4. I am unable to mail or drop any pets, wings, and pendants.
Feb 12 at 7:54 PM
OK I was shown this video earlier today, it seems that just naming the item or taking an item that loads into the game with a name loads in you can send them to friends your self and it just works...
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Feb 19 at 3:32 PM
Thanks for your reply, i wasn't alerted by email of your response. PS4 is my gaming system didn't try renaming the items, but will certainly give it a try.
Feb 19 at 4:39 PM
Tried making the wings/pendants rare and naming it saving every step, saved character, saved account, saved all, still didn't work. watched the youtube video so i know its possible
just don't know what steps im missing.
Feb 19 at 5:28 PM
In the video they used items that was known to pull into the game.
Apr 19 at 8:05 PM
I also am having issues with this for patch 2.5.0. I have made duplicates for the items and even used items that I have found and renamed them. I was able to get the wings of the dedicated to work to transfer to main account from the mule account but nothing else worked. trying to do the cosmic wings and pets succubi and humbart. no luck though. the video sort of helped knowing I can do it but there was no detailed explanation. also it looked like it was from a previous patch..

any help would be awesome

thank you

ps4 also
May 1 at 6:54 PM
Hi guys, I try with XBOX ONE and I'm be able to send the pet and wings. For now I send to my account from test account 1 wings and 5 pets.
I have a copy of one in the normal stash and a copy on one character.