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how to mod stat

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Feb 6 at 5:13 AM
hi, i paid for ediitor 5days ago and i am using it now.

i want to mod stat but unknow tab is not opening. is there something i don't know about it?

the program is telling me that i am connected but is there something else i must do to open a

unknown tab? please help me and thank you always for the great work.
Feb 6 at 5:32 AM
In order to mod your stats, you must have 1 point in each category for them to show up in the program.
Feb 6 at 5:45 AM
do you mean my charater in game must have at least more than 1 point on charater detail such as st, dex, int, cool down, armor....????
Feb 8 at 5:25 PM
i cant access the Unknown tab either. When i click it nothing shows up. And i know for sure i've atleast got some strength on my char.
Feb 8 at 7:40 PM
You must in game have enough paragon level to give each of the 1,000,000 paragon stats 1 point. YOU MUST DO THIS IN GAME...... This has be stated on theses forums and the issue tracker more then enough times.
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