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couch co-op xbox 360

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Feb 6 at 10:43 AM
playing on Xbox 360 when 2 players (2 accounts on same Xbox) wearing items crafted in your program (crafted).
When one of char wearing droped from game items and the other wearing crafted - it's OK.
But if we login 2 chars with crafted items - the error is happened and the game is crashing.
Did I make something wrong wile crafting!?
Feb 15 at 10:54 AM
Hello! I solve this problem by using stats for items from
There is most powerful items in game. Just look to the affix and chose which of them you need to rise up!
Also useful to find bild which you prefer and craft items with recommended affix.
For hi DPS weapon you should use "Professional Russian's Fast Sword" or "Professional Russian's Fast Crossbow Pistol" in Tier Quality