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Pets and Wings Problem...again.please help before im hairless.

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Feb 12 at 11:44 AM
Edited Feb 12 at 11:57 AM

ok its a problem your sick of seeing i can only guess but please take a minute to read what i have to say.
ive tried for hours over the last couple of days to get pets and wings to copy to my mule so i can transfare to my main.
heres the problem,i can get the pets and wings onto my mule but no matter what i try i cant get them to show when i want to mail.

i should point out a couple of things.
Firstly im doing this on the free download of the editor.
secondly the pets and wing allways copy over as Legendary no matter what i put.
another strange thing is in the cosmetics section of the editor theres 3 Pets listed as wings.
Galthrak the unhinged (patch 2.4.1)
live moore (patch 2.4.1)
the bumble (patch 2.4.1)
Now ive copied these over and im able to mail them,but there the only things from the cosmetics section that i can.

Ive searched the forum regarding my problem and ive only found a couple of threads that seem to have a similar problem.
ive tried the duplication method and no matter how many i duplicate only 1 of that item copys over to my mule.
im at a loss as i only have a couple of days left before i have to give my friend his ps3 back.

i would be very greatful for any help.

kind regards
Feb 12 at 6:47 PM
Hello Ghostrunner,
I have been working with the developers last night on the same exact issue. Mind you the royal calf and the butcher pet is mailable as well. They are very awesome people by the way. We jumped on party chat and they helped me see what I was doing wrong. We've tried everything you've listed as well as having them remote access to my computer to create them new as well. Couldn't figure it out. Must be something to do with the current latest patch creating all of them account bound.
Feb 12 at 7:53 PM
OK I was shown this video earlier today, it seems that just naming the item or taking an item that loads into the game with a name loads in you can send them to friends your self and it just works...