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Active Skills in Editor (may be it's a mistake)

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Feb 15 at 12:51 PM
Hello, I'm using latest version of you program and in the items affix it seams to be mistake:
  1. In the section "Furious Charge Damage (Barbarian Only) (Patch X-X)" there is inside "Furious Charge Damage (Barbarian Only) (Patch 2.1.0)" and in the section "X-X Furious Charge Damage (Barbarian Only) (Patch Y-Y)" there is the affix "10-15% Furious Charge Damage (Barbarian Only) (Patch 2.1.0)" - same patch!!!
  2. In Bracers there is mistake in Base section "Base (Tier 0__6__7) Wristwraps" - "6" is needless number. Some times you can make a mistake choosing Tier Quality with the wrong one!!!
Feb 15 at 3:03 PM
Close your program and reopen.
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Feb 16 at 4:44 AM
Thank You. Now it ok!