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Weapons no longer carrying over Tier Quality 03/04/2017

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Mar 4 at 2:45 PM
I have the purchased version of the ROS Editor . It was working great last couple days. And I moved over exported/imported weapons just fine along with gear and gems. However, since 03/03/2017 when making a Wand of Woh or any other weapon, when moving it from the PS3 (exporting) to the PS4 (importing) sometimes it has the stats and damage of 60K+ with no gems. When I drop the weapon on the ground from my (mule) account as I've always done, and pick it up with my main. The stats stay 60K + with no gems. However the issue happens when I put the first gem in it.. It "breaks" and goes back to 14K damage. Or I can drop the weapon , pick it up and drop out the game. Reload and the weapon is "broke" back to 14K damage. All gear mods work just fine. Just having an issue with the weapon.. Is there any special tier quality that I have to choose for a wand or dagger... As with swords I use the Russian Professional Fast Sword, and with crossbow pistols I use the RFP. Any help would greatly be appreciated thank you
Mar 4 at 10:40 PM
I will be on the ps4 in a bit of you would like to show me what is happening.