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"Effect" Transmogs using Gems

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Mar 6 at 7:52 PM
I've seen modded gear such as the skorn have the red lighting effect on the end of the wpn as it normally does, however, I've seen the same skorn also be 'ghosted' out have a brighter red glow and the red lighting effect on the end of it. I've heard or have been led to believe that it is by modding the regular gems by adding the transmog id to them, as so when they are attached to another wpn it's glamoured into the glamour on the gem. In addition if your wpn has any of the effects of lighting, fire, cold, arcane, holy, poison, your wpn will now have that effect as an aura emitting from said wpn. How is this done.. As I would like to attempt this to a couple wpns like the hand of woh, and a few others.. Any help in the direction to achieve this would greatly be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
Mar 6 at 9:55 PM
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Mar 7 at 8:51 PM
Thanks for the help Doug. I've looked through that thread and seen how to do it, but instructions from Monksarethebest, he doesn't show how he opened the VisualItem Editor. Totally lost .. I've noticed that I can't also click on the properties tab (nothing happens) or now while clicking on saved account, it don't save the account. I have to click on save all... Might run the editor on my pc instead of my laptop to see if it resolves anything. Thanks again for all the help..
Mar 8 at 10:32 AM
Raw tab, visual items, look to the right side you'll see ... Click that.

As far as your saving problem, that I'm not sure. I've been running on a laptop forever. I need to see what's going on there.
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