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Just want to make sure I'm doing this right

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Mar 11 at 12:34 AM
Because it seems tedious and maybe risky if I'm doing it incorrectly?

I'm using the paid version so I make my changes/edits/etc in the editor followed by resigning to the console of choice. Then I load up the PS3/360 version and immediately upload save without loading into the game. Naturally I then load the newer console to verify my changes. My understanding is if I load the game with changes only available on the new consoles it will cause an issue.

I just want to make sure I'm doing this properly incase my constant deleting my XB1/PS4 cloud saves followed by re-importing a new save from the 360 doesn't set off any alarms and get my account compromised.
Mar 11 at 1:03 AM
Mod you ps3/xbox360 save file, load xbox360/ps3 games, options, export save, load in xbox1/ps4 game under the same gamer name, load game, options, import save.

You'll be fine, people mod this way all the time. If your going to do lots of modding then use a mule so you don't lose your main account's game progression.
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Mar 11 at 1:29 AM
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Thanks for the quick reply Doug and it sounds like I was doing it properly. Progression isn't a concern as my original characters were gone many months ago from when I first discovered the editor and modded another users save with the free version. Now I'm just building my own from scratch and just wanted to make sure I wasn't making the process more tedious than necessary and ensure that my learning the whys and what fors aren't going to piss off Microsoft/Sony.
Mar 11 at 2:16 AM
All good. Your doing just fine