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Save Account function not working =(

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Mar 11 at 9:22 PM
I've installed the Editor on my laptop as well as my son installed it on his. Now each time I try to edit anything under the account tab such as paragon levels or blood shards , when I go to click on save account, it absolutely does nothing. When clicking on file save all, It says it saves the account, settings, and each hero name... however when reloading the game save into the editor any changes that I made to the normal account or hardcore account does not 'stick' I've noticed it not working for about a week now. I've also uninstalled/removed the program and reinstalled/extracted and have the same issue. And a big shout out to Doug for all the help he's been giving me. Much appreciated. -Chiefpre
Mar 11 at 11:52 PM
Got it working.. Not sure what happened to the Saved Account function but it's working now.. However, when I installed the editor on my pc rather than my laptop each time I go to log in I get the error message 33203... I'll work at that a little later..