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Looking for Videos/Tutorials

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Mar 21 at 4:48 PM
I'm a late adopter of the editor so I'm trying to learn what I can through trial and error and with the aid of some of the live stream videos from CKY. Were not all of the live streams saved or did some streams not take place? I do have a good collection of CKY's streams downloaded from Youtube but I do seem to be missing some, especially the Creating a Legendary & Non Legendary Gem video.

I have grasped the concept of creating normal gems with whatever stat I want on the mystic but any legendary gem I create does not appear in the character's inventory. Before you ask, no I'm not loading into the save on my 360 and other XB1/PS4 only items appear just fine so I'm sure it's a simple error I'm making in the items creation. The trick is discovering where my error is taking place.

Anyway is there a single list of the available videos?
Mar 21 at 6:23 PM
As of right now we haven't added anything new to the live stream. We will be getting back to those soon.

As for your gem issue, are you exporting your save to xbox1/ps4 or are you trying to get them on xbox360/ps3?
Mar 21 at 7:10 PM
Edited Mar 21 at 7:13 PM
Yep I'm exporting the save to XB1 and not going anywhere else in the game on the 360 other than More->Export Save. Other items and affixs that are labeled Patch 2.X appear in the inventory just fine so the save isn't being "cleaned" by the 360. I did however find the video in question. The first video I was watching flashed up a schedule for the future lives streams(summer '16) which is what I was going by. I just discovered when watching another they were all a day off which is why I was thinking the dates weren't corresponding to the video's content. Hopefully I'll be able to figure out what I am missing for legendary gems though I will lay out my steps here:

Create New Item
Assign Gbid as Amulet Tier 17
Under Properties set item's Rarity to Rare
Under Rare Name set to Nimble
Under Mystic I set my desired Affix
Ctr+Insert to fill inventory.
Resign via Horizon and load save on 360, More>Export Save
Import Save on XB1 and note the item(s) name that has desired Affix value, delete all but in the editor
Back in editor change Gbid to desired Legendary Gem
set Affix 1-6 to desired stats
Under Properties change Rare to Legendary, item and legendary level to 70, rank 300
Under Rare name change back to No Prefix

That's all I'm doing and it's not showing up. Hopefully watching through this video will reveal my mistake

Edit: I will add I had this problem last night, prior to the new patch going live this morning
Mar 21 at 7:30 PM
Set tier as amulet 17 flag to ancient when you change it to a gem. You are welcome to name the gem as well. Rank is correct at 300.
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Mar 22 at 12:03 AM
Thanks. Figured it out. Wasn't setting Tier correctly