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Gems over the max affix

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Mar 28 at 12:02 PM
Had a quick question. I been modding for a while now and ran into something that's had me puzzled. My regular gems are modded with dexterity at 1430. I was happy with that being it was close to max. Then someone showed me one with 1700+ Dex on it. I been searching and testing how they added those extra dexterity points but am coming up with nothing. Could anyone enlighten me or put me in the right direction? Thank you for your time.
Mar 28 at 5:13 PM
Did he show you gemmed into an item?
Mar 28 at 6:08 PM
He gave me a gem to show me. He didn't make them was just given a stack. I gemmed mine in a piece of armor then gemmed his in another same piece. His was giving roughly 300 more dexterity than mine.
Mar 28 at 11:17 PM
Well 1465+280=1745. Then you can augment at the cube for more.
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Mar 29 at 1:31 AM
I thought of that too but the numbers for the emerald show up independently on the gear. And also two identical pieces of gear other than my gem and his gem showed the 300 or so point difference. I could get you a copy of the gem if it would help. Xbox one though so I don't have the seed info. That would have been helpful lol.
Mar 29 at 2:24 AM
Sorry, I'm not on Xbox. If you can post a picture of this gem in a normal piece of gear with no Dex on it that would be helpful.
Mar 29 at 5:29 AM
I ran the numbers on it again using a weapon as to not add the dex bonus and think I read the numbers wrong before. It is only giving 1465 dexterity. Perfect roll but it's not 1700. You were right about it being the added dexterity bonus I was seeing. Thank you for the responses though. Look forward to the update when it's ready.
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Mar 29 at 8:14 AM
Most welcome,glad I could help.