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Removing attack speed gained from dual welding?

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Apr 4 at 3:03 AM
Hello. Been doing a lot of research trying to figure this mystery out. I've created hundreds of weapons with different tier qualities to no avail. My friend has a couple weapons identical to mine that I made. Well stat wise comparable not exact but same affixes. Russian fast swords tier quality Bul kathos set. When I equip mine I get the 15% bonus to attack speed. When I equip his it doesn't give it to me. What would they have changed to keep that from activating. I notice too that both read 5 attacks per second on the tool tips. If i put either of them just in my main hand it reads 5 attacks per second in my character sheet. Remove it and just put either of them in my offhand it reads 1.10 attacks per second in the character sheet. Even with the tool tip still showing 5.0. I've spent days trying to figure out how this has been modified. I've tried different options from tiers to flags. Stumped. Thank you for your time.
Apr 4 at 3:21 AM
What system are you on?
Apr 4 at 3:40 AM
Xbox one
Apr 4 at 12:20 PM
Just a quick thought. I'd test it but I'm at work on the road. Since you can't dual wield 2 handed weapons, would transmogging the weapons to a two handed weapon cause the game to accept that it's not being dual wielded? Thus not applying the bonus? I had been thinking it was purely cosmetic but maybe there is more to it than I thought.
Apr 4 at 9:38 PM
Got it figured out.