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Trouble Creating Items

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May 1 at 5:01 AM
I am trying to create OR EDIT any item on my characters, but as soon as I edit the item, and import the save, it simply doesn't show up.

Can someone either help me understand the mistake I'm making, or make a small step by step guide on how to create an item correctly?

What the end goal is, is for me to create a character full of legit items, basically just replicating the best in slot set ups to practice on.

Thanks in advance!
May 1 at 7:27 AM
Edited May 1 at 7:28 AM
What console are you modding on?
May 1 at 7:34 AM
lets start with a few things that might help you.. did you use the search button and see how to export your save file? because if you did you would have found this

and this

and this

and these

Best in slot is not always best in slot.

And if you are not on a ps4/xboxone and you load ps4/xboxone items into a ps3/xbox360 the game will just delete it from the save file as mentioned all over the site discussions..........
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May 1 at 11:10 AM
Edited May 1 at 11:13 AM
It was me trying to load up PS4 items on my PS3. I understood the issue now. Thank you.