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As of 5/1/2017 Codeplex will no longer be monitored by any of the staff project managers or lead's you can find us at the main website for this project, That will be posted here in the coming days. We know we have been silent while we have been creating a new platform to host this project. I hope it was worth it....

Thank you CKY.. 

New update

first post: doug1030 wrote: We apologize fro any inconvenience, we are working on all the issue...

latest post: doug1030 wrote: Please download version

answered by: doug1030 wrote: Please download version

How to make cool characters with visual/raw tab!

first post: MonksAreTheBest wrote: In this thread I will be talking about what I've learnt through usi...

latest post: CjFauli95 wrote: got you :)

answered by: doug1030 wrote: Yes

Learn to edit correctly

first post: Grouchy wrote: This sunday 2/13/16 at 12 noon PST. Doug1030 will be hosting a lob...

latest post: CKY wrote:

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