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Q: What do I do if I made too many changes and now my save is destroyed, and I don't know what to change back?


There is an auto backup that will turn your save file into a compressed file in the folder it is in..

So you will have 2 files, the one that you go to BFD and DIIIEdit with, and the other one, hidden away in a folder somewhere just in case.
Once you have confirmed that your new modifications work, you can replace the extra backup with the TESTED and working one.

Q: If I want to change a value in the raw tab what will it do?
A: Well that all depends on the value you want to change.

Q: Why are there 2 different versions?
A: There are 2 different versions because each save file has specific requirements.

Q: What all can I change?
A: Every aspect of the save file.

Q: I Just use a Hex Editor because this program can't do all of the things that I want. Will you add them to the program?
A: There is nothing in the save file that you can edit with a hex editor that you can't edit with this program.

Q: I have received an error message! What do I do?
  1. Check and make sure that second layer decryption is disabled.
  2. Make sure that you are using the proper edit program (DIII.SaveEdit for D3 and DIIIROS.SaveEdit for RoS).
  3. Make sure you close and re-open BFD if you put an updated save in the location you edit from.
  4. Report it to the issue tracker.

Q: How to I create a new item from scratch?
A: In the editor; go to the inventory of one of your characters. Click "New Item" at the top left. Select (highlight) the new item (bottom of the inventory item list) and on the right hand side, select the Gbid from the drop down menu and select the item you want. Select the attributes, change the details in the tabs at the top and save the item, then save the character.

Q: My save file is corrupted on my PS3. What happened?
A: Make sure you encrypted your save file using BFD before transferring the save back to your PS3.

Q: When will the editor be available for PS4 and XBOXONE?
A: When several dozen things beyond our control fall perfectly into line.

Q: How do I enable all quests completed on my character?
A: Select your character. go to the Quests tab. Click the +. Right click on where it says "Normal", select "Add all quests".

Q: How do I unlock all difficulties on a character?
A: You must have at least 1 character level 60+ for Torment. To unlock all the acts, go to the General Tab of your character, select the drop down titled "last difficulty completed" and select "Adventure". Be sure to unlock all quests as well.

Q: Why (insert item name here) doesn't show up on PS3/360?
A: Make sure that you choose the correct patch on that item. Items that say “patch 2.1.0” are for PS4/X1 only

Q: What is the correct way to transfer 2.1.0 items over from PS3/360 to PS4/X1?
A: Without entering the game, choose “Export Save” at the main menu.

Q: Can I use this editor to edit PS4/X1 savefile?
A: No

Q: Where do I change Paragon Level and what is the maximum level I can put?
A: Click Account tab then Normal tab. 10,000 is the maximum paragon you can put

Q: I try to change my Paragon Level but it doesn't work, what do?
A: Make sure your hero has at least 1 Paragon Level before you trying to change

Q: How do I change my Softcore hero to Hardcore and vice versa?
A: Under Character tab. Look at “Sex/normal-hardcore” box

Q: How do I mod gems?
A: Normal gems cannot be modded. Legendary gems on the other hand, can be modded just like any other items

Q: How do I change the Rank of Legendary Gems and what is the maximum Rank I can put?
A: Under item properties. Look at “Rank” box. Highest is 4294967294

Q: Can I use Legendary Gems on PS3/360?
A: No

Q: How do I make the affixes roll the exact number that I want?
A: Not possible. Every affixes you applied to an item has an influence to the item “Seed”. Seed is what controls every numbers in that item which is why you only see affixes in range(xx-yy) form. Also, some affixes do roll in a fixed number rather than range. The best you can do is duplicate the item multiple times and pick the best roll out of the bunch

Q: After duplicating tons of items now I found the best seed(best roll), is it possible to use that seed on other items?
A: Absolutely! All you have to do is copy and paste the item then change it to whatever you want. This way, you will have all the different items with the same stats! Make sure you use “Copy/Paste” function and not “Duplicate” to ensure the seed get copied over.

Q: Is it possible to make items become indestructible? I’m sick of repairing my gear
A: Under item properties, leave both “Durability” and “Max Durability” to 0

Q: Does the editor support the use of keyboard shortcuts?
A: Yes.

Enter or Alt & Up
Select Node & Close
Scroll up one node
Scroll down one node
Goto first node
Goto last node
scrollOffset down visibleItems Count
scrollOffset up visibleItems Count
Right or +
Node Expanded
Left or -
Node Collapse
Expand All
Collapse All
Shift + Up/Down
Multiple Select (For Deletion of multiple items.
Deletes currently selected item.
Selects next entry control

Q: What does Tier Quality means and how do I use it?
A: Tier Quality let you apply other item tier on your item. For example, if you have a chest piece that gives 50 armor and you want it to yield higher armor stat without creating another item, you would apply a Tier 19 armor chest piece in “Tier Quality” box. Now, the same chest piece would gives you 660-759 armor instead of 50

Q: What is the difference between “Item Level” and “Legendary Level”?
A: Item Level means the level of a hero required to use the item. Legendary Level means the level of the item. Most of the time it is controlled by affixes.

Q: How does “Duplicate” differ from “Copy/Paste”?
A: Duplicate allows the item to generate new seed which means the affixes of the newly duplicated item will not be the same
Copy is a carbon copy

Q: I want (insert affix here) to be in my item but I cannot find it, what do?
A: Some affixes are hard coded into a specific item therefore it cannot be applied to anything else.

Q: Can I add the same affix multiple times? What would happen?
A: Yes, you can. The affix will add up to the number of times you apply.

Q: I’m done with editing items, how do I edit my hero?
A: Under "Unknown" section under hero tab

Q: I open the editor today and all of the GBID become numbers, what do?
A: It means that version is outdated and you need to download the latest version

Q: I have a question about Hex Editor
A: No, we don’t support Hex Editor. Please ask elsewhere

Q: Why my antivirus says your editor contains virus?
A: False positive the source is open if there is anything that resembles a virus let me know .

Q: Once I’ve pay for the editor, I’ll receive a password and login right?
A: No you will receive an Activation ID..
Q: After that my editor will receive updates as soon as I log in?
A: No the Database update was applied the 16th of October 2015 and changed on the 29th of October 2016.
The database is live and closed to tokenization. If the proper token is not sent by the client the client will only receive what was considered by the team free content from the database.
The software update will have to be downloaded.
Q: Also I can’t find where I’m supposed to put my e-mail to receive my login info, is it after the credit card information?
A: The check out page will ask you for you'r information
as illustrated in this sample.

Fill the form in as illustrated in this sample.

once you click next you will still have one last chance to decide whether or not you want to proceed by supplying your e-mail address and clicking on confirm as illustrated in this sample.

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